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How does get Multiple Service Quotes?

What benefits do customers get from Multiple Quotes?

First of all this service is FREE for Customers and Babysitters are charged a very nominal fee to submit their Quotes.

We at specialize in getting multiple service quotes for Babysitters without the hassle of making numerous phone calls and explaining the same thing again and again.

Within minutes of filling up a simple quote request the Babysitters within the area are informed and Babysitters Quotes are directly sent to your inbox for all the Babysitters requirements.

Multiple service Quotes from tradesman are received within 12/24 hrs after filling up a simple request which takes (2 minutes)

The fact is when you are looking for a quality Babysitters  Quotes, we at specialize in getting multiple service quotes for Babysitters within your area and the Babysitters quotes are directly sent to your inbox.

Instead of making a hasty decision and paying too much for your Babysitters quotes you SAVE by comparing Babysitters Quotes or any other Quotes for that matter. Enter few details (takes 2 minutes) and we will do the search to get the best Babysitters quotes in your area.


Before requesting Quotes from Babysitters lets run through a small check list

  • Babysitters Quotes
  • How long? How long to get the job done?
  • Charges? Will the Babysitters charge per hour? Or will they provide a fixed Quote? Which one is better?
  • Licensed? How do I know if the Babysitters is licensed? Do the Babysitters really need license to work?
  • Insured? Will the Babysitters have his own insurance? What happens if he gets hurt in my place? Will I be liable?
  • Payment? Do I pay a deposit to the Babysitters? How much is normally paid? Do I pay in 50%? Cash? Credit Card?
  • Location? Where are the Babysitters located?


Babysitters Quotes: is a one stop shop to get multiple Babysitters quotes. Unlike day care babysitters are very flexible in the hours. If you are looking for babysitters for a few hours in the evening, the babysitters come handy. But it is always good to all the reference checks etc of the babysitter before putting your child with the babysitter. The babysitters are required to be registered under the law. Some of the babysitters also do some of the basic housework while taking care of the child which could be doing some ironing to any small jobs. The rate per hour or fixed fee for few hours can be negotiated with the babysitter. The rate for the babysitter will depend on the  duties and any additional work included in the routine. There is a huge demand for casual babysitters which may require couple of hours of babysitting once in a week to sometimes once in a month. The nannies are professionally qualified to do the childcare comparing the babysitters may be in a different profession and may do some casual hours in a week or more to earn extra money.

  • Charges? The cost of babysitting would range from $20 to $50 per hour depending on the duties and responsibilties. Some babysitters would take a fixed amount for the couple of hours of babysitting.
  • Licensed? The Babysitters must be registered to do babysitting.  You must ask them to include some references to some of the babysitting work they have done.
  • Insured? If the Babysitters are from a Company they will be covered by their own insurance. You must ask for a copy of their insurance cover before hiring.
  • Payment? Normally the payment is made weekly by EFT or by cash.

In 3 simple steps please submit your quote request and we will do the rest to get multiple quotes from Babysitters. We have our database from whom we receive quotes and are located all around Australia from all major states and all Babysitters NSW, Babysitters QLD, Babysitters VIC, Babysitters TAS, Babysitters NT, Babysitters SA, Babysitters WA and Babysitters ACT are just a click away to give you the quotes.

You can be assured that you are paying the right price for your Babysitters jobs no matter where you are located in the Australian cities or country side we will get you multiple Babysitters quotes and make your decision to engage the tradesman easy without the hassle of making numerous calls.

Ozzie Quotes will get Multiple Quotes from any location below for;

  • Babysitters ACT
  • Babysitters NSW
  • Babysitters NT
  • Babysitters QLD
  • Babysitters SA
  • Babysitters TAS
  • Babysitters VIC
  • Babysitters WA

Normally most of our quote requests are received from the capital cities such as Babysitters Canberra, Babysitters Sydney, Babysitters Brisbane, Babysitters Darwin, Babysitters Perth, Babysitters Adelaide, Babysitters Melbourne and Babysitters Hobart. Now we find that more quote requests are from all major towns as well.  Therefore for any type of Quote request you will find that will make the quotes request process easy and efficient.

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